Written by Christian Speaker Network Member, E.R. Báez

As Christian Speakers, our job is not to take people to victory, but to show them that they are victorious in Jesus Name. First, “victory is ours already,” that is what scriptures tells us, and second, the Holy Spirit will lead us into victory. That is not our job, had never been our job, and will never be our job! Our job is to allow the spirit of God to use our speaking abilities so that others may draw to victory from the speaker’s prior experiences. Second, “victory is ours already!” Did I mention that already? This of course comes from reading the last book in the Bible. But, why having public speaking at your venue? Good question…

Generally speaking, speakers come from all areas of life, and are willing to accommodate the needs of the community from speakers who have recognized their calling in the Kingdom of God. Not task is too small and no venue is unreachable when it comes to the people of God. A professor in seminary school said once, “no church is too small and no check is too small when it comes to the news of the gospel.” This is particularly true when it comes to public speaking for purposes of sharing the good news of Jesus. Many times, you need new content and individuals to get something different for the venue. This is where public speakers come handy.

Of course I would hope that you select me or anyone in this forum as your speaker for your upcoming event. In doing so, you would be helping not only your upcoming event but a variety of hard working individual capable of delivering key note speaking session. This of course in a variety of settings: conventions, conferences, churches, or any other event, at local, national or international levels of opportunities for our speakers. We ask that you pray about using one of multiple of our speakers, and if you are led to hire any one of them, to God be all the glory. Once you are ready, all you have to do is peruse their profiles for their contact information.

This website provides a platform for both seasoned and up and coming speakers to showcase their talents and abilities; however, the owners of the website are not responsible for the contents of the speaking engagement or for the speakers themselves. That part of the engagement would have to be arranged between you (the person hiring the speaker) and the speaker. Once you contact the individual speakers, you will have a more complete feel of their experience, commitment and quality which you seek for your event. The hope is that you choose one of the talented speakers on this website, and that you share your experience with others having events near you.

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